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Indoor Positioning

with Sub-Meter Precision

Navigation Databases

We use Wi-Fi emitters along with magnetic signals to create navigation databases and indoor maps with remarkable resolution.

Indoor Positioning Technology

Track customers, employees, and assets within 1 meter of their exact location in real time.

Micro-Fence Marketing

Enhance a guest's experience by enabling personalized ads based on location area.

Asset Analytics & Management

Illustrate important patterns and trends to optimize processes.

Precise Indoor Positioning

Reckon Point is in the final stages of developing a unique indoor positioning and navigation technology that will be used to pinpoint end users down to less than 1-meter. This technology will allow for a wide variety of precise location-based services (LBS) in advertising, warehouse management, data analytics, and more.

Where Would You Use Reckon Point?
Distribution Centers
Production Facilities
Grocery Stores
Office spaces

The Problem

The number of nodes and reference points needed to create accurate indoor positioning is very limited and hard to maintain.

The Solution

Reckon Point's indoor surveying technology produces highly accurate indoor positioning data that others simply can not.

Key Success Factors

One key factor of success is our team of experts and established business partners. Another key factor is our proprietary technology which surpasses our competitors by being significantly more accurate. Lastly, but not least, our Mobile Indoor Geo Surveying Unit (MIGSU) uses a refined method of finger print surveying technology that enables the high accuracy of our system.

About Us

Reckon Point’s engineers have a combine 50+ years experience working in DOD and geo spatial systems. Our team has spent many years developing fundamental location technology and mathematical models for the DOD. Additionally, our team is conducting advanced research with WPI to develop highly accurate fingerprint databases capable of providing sub meter accuracy indoors.

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