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Reckon Point is developing a new technology for indoor positioning utilizing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth emitters of opportunity along with magnetics to create fingerprint databases for indoor precision positioning.  Reckon point is a startup composed of five members who are dedicated to the development of new technology and applied science to enhance consumer experience and enable DOD and first responder’s access to unparalleled technology.

Our team is made up of a combination of academic and applied engineers form various backgrounds.  Two primary members are Dr. Juan Tamez a post graduate of UTSA and  Nader Bargshady a PHD candidate at WPI.  Dr Tamez’s has done extensive research in piezoelectric technology and has worked as an Air Force Acquisition and Technology engineer.

Nader Bargshady research interests are developing advanced algorithms, including particle filters and applied positioning technology.

Reckon Point’s founder Gabe Garza a master’s graduate of WPI has over 13 experience developing advanced signal intelligence and geo-location systems for the DOD and is leading the company in this endeavor.

Reckon Point’s support team is composed of Nicole Garza acting as the Senior Financial and Accounting advisor. She is an MBA graduate of Husson College with 10 years’ experience in financial analysis.  Sonia Garza is Reckon Point’s Senior Intellectual Property and Marketing manager with over 10 years of experience in the field of intellectual rights and intellectual property field.

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