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The Future of Indoor Navigation
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Our Technology

Reckon Point utilizes existing Wi-Fi emitters and geo-magnetic signals to create databases specifically customized for each venue. The Reckon Point System allows for precision positioning and highly accurate indoor navigation in real time. These databases will be hosted in a cloud infrastructure accessible via a mobile application and allow for connectivity via the Internet for the backend platform access.

The Process

MIGSU surveys the physical environment while collecting existing Wi-Fi and geo-magnetic signals. Once collected, specialized algorithms create a highly accurate reference database that can be used to map and pinpoint any location indoors.

One-Time Location Survey

MIGSU collects raw data

Develop Databases & Maps

Data stored and secured on cloud-based server

Bring System Online

Can Access Real Time Data

Operational Abilities

Never waste a moment. Our maps are capable of tracking real time movements with sub-meter resolution creating impressive navigation applications.

Location-Based Advertising (LBA)

Tailored advertisements based on a customer's position and behavior.

Warehouse Management

Optimize your processes by tracking assets, merchandise and staff in real time.

Technological Capabilities

The Reckon Point System will enable users to interact
with the precise positioning of people, objects, and equipment in real time.

Mapping Visualization

Create a variety of 2-d, 3-d and 4-d environments.

Heat Maps

Optimize your location by identifying spaces that are frequently used.

Spatial Analytics

Received detailed reports on key metrics to refine your business processes.

Dwell Times

Keep track of idle times to help you better understand user behaviors.

Traffic Flow Patterns

Identify workflow patterns to create efficient pathways and establish efficient behaviors.

Database Maps

Maps are developed, created and stored in our secure database while available to locations owner or tenant.

Key Advantages
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No IT infrastructure required
Precise, real-time tracking
Business Analytics
Traffic Flow Analysis
Systems Integration
Single Enviroment Survey

Indoor Positioning API

Our Mobile API allows for the integration of our positioning technology into any mobile application. The Reckon Point System returns position updates and maps to the mobile application for use. The PaaS API allows businesses to interact with our servers to pull raw data for data analytics.

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