Indoor Navigation, Positioning & Asset Tracking

Reckon Point is the industry leader in indoor navigation, positioning and scanning technologies. Our end-to-end platform saves you time navigating complex spaces and maximizes efficiency through asset tracking.

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Indoor LiDAR Survey Scanning

Our scanning services provide clients state-of-the-art survey scanning. This saves time & money - 85% faster - while reducing human error.

Reckon Point has developed a suite of services based on LIDAR and artificial intelligence for object detection and classification. Reckon Point provides precise indoor survey; mapping services are accurate to 2 cm. This enables the development of 2D and 3D CAD drawings and models.

Indoor Navigation & Mapping

With Reckon Point's advanced indoor navigation technology, we can create interactive indoor maps using Google Maps API technology. We also provide indoor navigation and positioning services.

The maps allow for seamless transition from outdoors to indoors to let your guests navigate easily and effortlessly. Moreover, turn-by-turn directions allow you to transition between outdoor and indoor navigation with detailed indoor maps.

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Tracking & Positioning

Throughout development, the team has created unique technologies to perform real-time signal and image acquisition. Reckon Point’s indoor positioning technology does not require any additional infrastructure. It operates using existing WiFi signals and the Earth’s magnetic field.

Reckon Point has developed an advanced indoor positioning system that utilizes geomagnetic and WiFi signals. To date, our technology is leading the industry at an average accuracy of 1.2 meters for indoor positioning and tracking. In addition, the team has developed an advanced robotic platform to automate the collection of signals indoors.

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Industry leader in automated data collection using LiDAR, geomagnetics, Wi-Fi and SLAM algorithms

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Indoor Maps & Wayfinding

Reckon Point provides interactive Google maps, allowing for seamless indoor navigation.

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Real-time position estimation through robotics, data collection & machine learning algorithms.

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