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About Us

Founded in 2014, Reckon Point is a tech start-up located in San Antonio, Texas. With over 40+ combined years of experience with the DoD, Reckon Point specializes in 3D mapping & state-of-the-art indoor positioning technology, specifically indoors, where GPS proves otherwise ineffective.  Our high-resolution data collection services are capable of collecting signals from the Earth’s electromagnetic field, along with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LiDAR for sub-meter accuracy with pinpoint precision within just 2 centimeters.

Gabe Garza

Founder & CEO

Gabe Garza Headshot

Gabe is a San Antonio native who attended Mccollum High School and joined the US Navy seeking adventure, challenge, and higher education. While in the US Navy, Gabe served as Combat Aircrewman for six years conducting global airborne reconnaissance missions, then served in the Air National Guard in Combat Communications during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During this time, he lead multiple advanced research and development projects in cloud based applications for the Air Force 24th Cyber Defensive Squadron and the 25th Air Force Cyber Offensive Squadron, and served as the lead Flight Test / Algorithms Lead Engineer for an advanced DARPA missile program involving autonomous tracking and navigation.

A seasoned Engineering System Architect with extensive experience in cyber security, cloud development and signal processing, Gabe earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern Maine and a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

The applications for these complex technologies are seemingly infinite. The potential effects: Industry-disrupting. At Reckon Point, we understand that the future is now. We’re currently experiencing a transition where proximity marketing & location-based advertising is emerging as one of the most profound and sought after capabilities in marketing, with implications on the future of advertising, navigation, and customer experience as we know it.

Jason Wilson

Chief Operations Officer

Jason is a seasoned professional in statistical process improvement and operational excellence. While working for AT&T Jason led dozens of cross-organizational, multimillion-dollar projects through the utilization of Six Sigma. As VP of Operational Excellence, he brought domain expertise in team development, contract negotiations, strategic business development, and management training while creating a high impact team saving time and money. As a project management professional Jason has a combination of unique skill sets that compliment company with changing and growing environments.

Rana McDonald

VP of Sales & Marketing

Rana McDonald has years of experience in Enterprise & Channel Sales and Strategic planning.  Most recently, Rana has played a key part in building successful startup companies in San Antonio, TX.  She’s helped startups build solid foundations where their marketing, sales and support teams work collaboratively toward delivering on their promise to customers while growing profits. Rana has the skills to orchestrate the complex components that go into building a machine that keeps the leads flowing, production line moving and customers happy.

Jeff Landis

Founder & CTO

Jeff Landis Headshot

Product team leader focused on developing advanced server-less cloud infrastructure and IoT technology for our indoor positioning and wayfinding application.

Reckon Point’s competitive advantage lies in their ability to seamlessly deliver end-to-end solutions. While many providers can only provide a couple pieces of the puzzle, such as digital mapping or application development, Reckon Point will not only give you each piece of the puzzle, we’ll even help put it together for you. Currently, no other competitor in the marketplace can offer a similar package of services, better yet match the unparalleled precision and accuracy found here at Reckon Point.

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