When we heard the San Antonio Airport was setting up a challenge to develop a better passenger experience, we jumped on it.  The airport’s goal is to use indoor navigation & airport wayfinding to integrate many of the individual services already in place at the airport such as TSA wait times, parking availability, and rewards programs.

One of the great services they have, is a new parking system that lets you know how many spaces are available in each row in the new short-term parking area. Another equally impressive service is the TSA wait time for each terminal, which is especially useful when getting ready to head to the airport. The third awesome service is the rewards program by Thanks Again. It offers rewards points at certain concessions at Sat and across the US, but currently runs in a separate mobile app.

Reckon Point specializes on indoor positioning, indoor maps, and way-finding services. We saw the airport challenge as a great opportunity to develop a world class wayfinding platform. Reckon Point plans to integrate existing airports services into the mobile application for passengers to have all this information at their fingertips with our map and indoor positioning as the focus.

The map-based application will allow for searchable interactive maps juts like Google. It will allow you to find and navigate to points of interest (POIs) like ATMS, bathrooms, rental cars, elevators and even recycle bins, each with a click of the button. Given that the application will be map centric it will give users situational awareness of where they are with respect to other  POIs.

Stay tuned for more info! Below is a first rendering of the new Car Rental Center.