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We recreate building layouts and directly integrate them with interactive indoor Google Maps.

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Indoor Maps for Geekdom San Antonio, Texas

Customizable CMS Software

Using the MapsPeople software integration, you get full control over your Content Management System. This allows clients to customize each point of interest, allowing you to add specific elements such as titles, store hours, descriptions, contact information & more.

  • Prioritize locations and attribute zoom level visibility.
  • Upload custom icons into the CMS platform for a signature look.
  • Manage location details such as contact info, descriptions and more.
  • Customize background colors, themes and other specifications.

Mobile Features

We build interactive indoor maps and integrate these features using the MapsPeople content management system. These capabilities can be seamlessly integrated into a pre-existing mobile application. Most importantly, the client has direct control over the CMS, allowing you to update information as your business grows!

  • Easily search for rooms & facilities.
  • General turn by turn navigation features.
  • Use visitor analytics to get insights into customers.
  • Create customized notification alerts for points of interest.
San Antonio Airport App iPhone Screen & Map

Stand out from the pack

Our indoor maps & wayfinding platform allows vendors to directly integrate navigation capabilities seamlessly into your current mobile application.

Benefits for Visitors

While we focus on making life easier for clients, we also realize that this is done through making life easier for visitors. Our goal is to maximize efficiencies for both clients and their visitors through a more streamlined navigation process.

  • Efficient, streamlined indoor navigation.
  • A-to-B turn by turn wayfinding capabilities.
  • Customizable search features for locating facilities.
  • Easily identifiable emergency exits.
  • Handicap accessibility.
  • Never get lost indoors again.

Benefits for Clients

Our indoor mapping capabilities enable clients to provide an outstanding experience for visitors and customers. While providing excellent customer service is important to clients, there are many other benefits, including:

  • Own an integrated content management system.
  • Advertise products and services via mobile app.
  • Provide transparency to visitors & customers.
  • Customize the interface using your branding.
  • Streamline navigation for employees & visitors.
  • Become an indoor maps & wayfinding pioneer!

More Information

For further details, feel free to request a demo or receive a cost estimate for your next project.

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