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Industry leader in automated data collection using LiDAR, geomagnetics, Wi-Fi and SLAM algorithms

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Indoor Maps & Wayfinding

Reckon Point provides interactive Google maps, allowing for seamless indoor navigation.

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Real-time position estimation through robotics, data collection & machine learning algorithms.

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The Indoor Navigator Blog

News & updates from CEO, Gabe Garza

Airport Wayfinding of the future

Airport Wayfinding in San Antonio

When we heard the San Antonio Airport was setting up a challenge to develop a better passenger experience, we jumped on it.  The airport’s goal is to use indoor navigation & airport wayfinding to integrate many of the individual services already in…

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Indoor Geo-location Emitter Technologies

Indoor geo-location or indoor positioning is still a relatively new technology that has yet to go mainstream.  This technology aims to provide GPS like service within indoor venues where GPS signals are not available and allows for consumers to…