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Industry leading indoor positioning technologies, featuring real-time positioning, accurate within 1 meter.

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Real-Time Tracking & Positioning Blue Dot

Real-Time Positioning

Locate yourself anywhere inside the building with components built directly into your smartphone. No additional equipment necessary! Using your compass, wi-fi and mag readings, we can estimate your exact position within as little as 1 meter!

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Similar to functions used in Google Maps, we use your current location and provide the optimal route to get from A to B, with additional options available for special circumstances such as handicap accessibility. Once the building is mapped, each room is tagged and labeled for streamlined identification and navigation.

Indoor Maps for Geekdom San Antonio, Texas
iOS Android Compatibility

Cross-Platform Integration

API integration for Android & iOS provides anyone with smartphone the opportunity to utilize these revolutionary services. Our developers are adamant in providing the strongest possible user experience for our customers, and are continually upgrading services to continue furthering this experience.

Navigate and Explore

Using the readings acquired through our ultra-sensitive magnetometer readings, our algorithms provide submeter accuracy to determine which floor you are on at any given moment. With the mag readings from your smartphone, we compare that data and estimate your elevation with strong confidence levels.

Reckon Point Indoor Navigation & Maps iPhone

Stand out from the pack

Our indoor positioning platform allows vendors to directly integrate indoor navigation capabilities seamlessly into your current mobile application.

More Information

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